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Kristi Gunnarshaug


I first found yoga accidentally in my twenties. I entered a yoga class in a gym thinking it would be another way to burn calories as I was suffering from an eating disorder and I thought yoga would just be another form of exercise. Within the first few minutes, I realized it went way beyond the physical and I was blessed with a teacher who embraced her own strength and was able to guide me on my path. Fast forward and after years of treatment and a recovery, I received my RYT500 at Lotus Gardens in Connecticut.

Since then, I have taught many different populations and in many different settings. I have also managed and co-owned a successful yoga studio in Newtown. From children to the elderly, I always view any time spent together as a blessing. In my 20 plus years of teaching, I remain steadfast to share the gift of yoga that goes way beyond the physical. I believe we are the true facilitators of our own healing and I am so thankful to be a witness to that process.

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