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Fran O'Neill


At 18, I dove headfirst into the fitness world, wrangling my passion into a career. Since then, I've outrun marathons, outswum triathlons, and even outshredded ski slopes. When I'm not pushing boundaries, you'll find me paddleboarding, bungee jumping, or zooming past my grandkids on rollerblades.


But amidst the adrenaline rushes, I found solace in yoga, realizing it was the zen I needed in my whirlwind life. Now, I'm not just downward dogging, I'm a Sherpa-certified breath whisperer and cold plunge enthusiast.


In 2018, I added yoga guru and Integrative Nutrition Life Coach to my resume. My mission? To uplift souls and guide them toward holistic well-being. I preach the gospel of primary nutrition—mixing meditation, fitness, dream jobs, and heartwarming connections for a life that's truly well-rounded.

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