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Barbara Moore

RYT200, Yin

I first stepped onto a yoga mat (at Manipura!!) on December 31, 2014, - the day I turned 52 and realized my next decade started with a 6!. The time to start self-care was NOW. During the 90 minutes of that first yoga class I was able to fully connect body to breath, come into the present moment, and released my mind. I have been practicing yoga - both on and off the mat - ever since. I am stronger and more peaceful than at any other point in my life and I want to share that with others.  I received my RYT200 in 2020 at BeYoga Danbury.

Yoga is a way of being … to balance mind, body and spirit by bringing our attention to our breath and what we are experiencing in each moment, without judgement. My practice is varied and inclusive, and I have found that the classes where the flow was slow, matching movement with each deep inhalation and long exhalation, allows for the deepest meditation. My classes are designed to

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